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What is going on at Lensicle?

October 3rd 2016 – Added a submission form for people to submit photos.
September 10th 2016 – Due to funding issues development is being slowed down because I can’t afford the necessary hosting.
August 18th 2016 – Old blog posts updated and linked from footer.
July 30th 2016 – Category bug fixed, new images added, homepage text added.
July 9th 2016 – Lightbox added.
July 6th 2016 – Today is the official launch date, wahooo! New logo is live as part of the launch.
July 3rd 2016 – The ‘about’ page has been written with a blockquote summing up what the website is about.
June 29th 2016 – Lots of new uploads have been added mainly focused on fruits and vegetables.
June 28th 2016 – Image editor improved with larger icons to make it easier to use.
June 21st 2016 – Uploads will now have social sharing links on each page.
June 17th 2016 – Official target launch date for Lensicle has been set as July 6th 2016.
June 16th 2016 – The full mobile version has gone live, including for tablets, it has a few bugs and still needs work but it can be used and is fully functional.
June 16th 2016 – This log has been created to show the latest news at the site.