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About Lensicle

Using Lensicle.com on any device you can find and quickly export high-quality free stock images in the exact dimensions you need them. Or if you feel the images need editing, use the on-site image editor to do it before you download the file. No sign-up required and all images have the CC0 public domain license!

Lensicle is a mix of work created by Lensicle himself (not just photographs, but also graphics and fonts) as well as other CC0 images.

Launched: July 6th 2016.

There are lots of stock libraries online, so why is this one different? Lensicle isn’t just about discovery, its about creating the exact image you need. Watch this 60-second video to see why Lensicle is more useful than other websites.

To see the latest changes to the website read the updates page.

Areas to Improve and Adjustments to be Made

There is always lots of things that could be done, here are some currently on the radar:

  • Add text to image function.
  • Improved cropping function.
  • Share edited images straight to social media.
  • Faster loading times.
  • Search function is not very accurate, it is a wordpress plugin but bulking the library will help.
  • Unique images source, being public domain they don’t stay unique, but at least uploading more unique photos is a goal.
  • Only available in english language, would like to make website available in many languages.
  • When using Android devices the standard internet browser produces 2 grey bars on right side and bottom of page.
  • Larger sized images available in full size to download.
  • Compression options to give flexibility when reducing image file size.

As always, any ideas on other ways the site is weak and can be improved are welcomed via the contact page.

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A mobile version of this website is working great. Thats been achieved thanks to WPTouch Pro who I would highly recommend. And remember that if you are on your smartphone looking for pics then Lensicle.com is the website to visit. You get full use of all tools on the mobile version as you do on desktop.

The website is hosted by Vidahost, who have always supplied very good customer service.

The logo for the website is an edited version of a free icon made by Freepik, created under the CC 3.0 BY license. The filter icon used in the editor was made by Vectors Market and found on www.flaticon.com, that is also licensed by CC 3.0 BY. Much appreciation given to the designers of those for making them available to use for free.