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Free stock images of hot babes!

Lensicle is focused on photographs of people. The gallery used to contain other topics too but the most popular images were the ones of hot babes! The decision was taken to narrow the focus. Now you will only find photographs of people. You will also only find free images for commercial use thanks to the public domain license.

Most files listed here are not created by Lensicle, they are found from other sources. This website is more of a curation of existing files. There are lots of great websites to use, picking the best stock photo sites is almost impossible. They have huge libraries which can make navigating them and finding what you want a bit tedious. Having websites which focus more on specific topics can make it easier for users. For Lensicle it felt right to focus on free stock images of men, women, happy couples and celebrities. That doesn't just mean those in clothes but some naked babes pics too! Ideal for people working in the adult niches as well as those who blog about health and beauty. These are not meant to be for porn websites.

Here you can not only find free high-resolution images you can also download them at the exact size you need them. This can be a good time saver. There is also an image compressor to reduce the file size should you wish to save disk space, and this hardly reduces the quality at all so it has no negative effect on those viewing it.

If you are taking your business seriously there is also content about finding cheap stock photos as well as other articles about how to get the most out of this industry.


I wanted this to be a website of completely free stock images of people, by that I mean there should be no registration necessary, no watermarks and no need to link back. This can only be achieved with public domain images, that does somewhat limit the photos that can be found here, but does mean you know where you stand and everything is 100% free for both personal and for commercial use. Licensing is also made simple by having a link on every file page so you should have no problems finding it. Whether you need the free photos for your websites, blog posts, newsletters, presentations, product creation, graphic design, book covers, wallpapers or to create social memes you can use this website without having to worry about copyright.

As for other aspects of the website. There is a fully functioning mobile version meaning no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection and a web browser you can use Lensicle to find, edit and instantly download hi-res public domain royalty-free stock photos. Whether you are in the UK or the other side of the globe in Australia you can use Lensicle for your photo needs. You are welcome to also instantly share the photos on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or in other online social communities if that is what you want to do.

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