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Welcome to Lensicle, a free stock images website that gives you the tools to edit the photographs before you download them. Please watch the video explaining the website and see the latest uploads below it.

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Scary jelly babies standing up

Food and Drink Photos


Gaudi Catholic Church in Barcelona

Architecture Photos


Port Vell in Barcelona

Architecture Photos


Olympic stadium in Barcelona

Architecture Photos, Sports


Kangaroo relaxing in Barcelona zoo

Animal Photos


Inside Camp Nou soccer stadium

Architecture Photos, Sports


Hedgehog foraging in garden grass

Animal Photos


Large elephants booty

Animal Photos


Tired cute fox sleeping well

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African elephants on Okavango Delta

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Reindeer in the wild

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Small pet rabbit

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White furry rat rodent

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Royal peacock has beautiful feathers on show

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Domestic ferret in the shadows

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Cute wood mouse on leaves

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Turkey bird in wild

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Gold fish looks sad

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Tibetan man with white yak

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Alpaca in Chile river landscape

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Camel in desert with man in front of pyramid

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Different colored Llamas at farm

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Honey bees beehive queen cup

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Learning a language at school sign

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About Lensicle

My name is Chris and I'm the creator of Lensicle. I wanted to use this space on the homepage to explain a bit more about this website. Lensicle was created out of a result of spending years being frustrated with how long it took to get stock photos ready to use. Download options would be limited and that would mean I would need to open editing software to get the image to the dimensions and look of how I wanted it. With very minimal web development skills I have managed to put together Lensicle, a website where you have a few different choices once you've found an image you like. You can either; download it in the specific dimensions you need it to be (great time saver!), use the built-in image editor to modify the image before downloading it (make it unique to rank in Google Images!) or simply download it in the original full-size if that is how you want it. There is also an image compressor to reduce the file size should you wish to save disk space, and this hardly reduces the quality at all so it has no negative effect on those viewing it.

I wanted this to be a website of completely free stock images, by that I mean there should be no registration necessary, no watermarks and no need to linkback. This can only be achieved with public domain images which does somewhat limit the photos that can be found here, but does mean you know where you stand and everything is 100% free for both personal and for commercial use. Licensing is also made simple by having a link on every file page so you should have no problems finding it. Whether you need the free photos for your websites, blog posts, newsletters, presentations, product creation, graphic design, book covers, wallpapers or to create social memes you can use this website without having to worry about copyright.

As for other aspects of the website. The website also has a fully functioning mobile version, meaning no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection and a web browser you can use Lensicle to find, edit and instantly download hi-res public domain royalty-free stock photos, no app necessary. Whether you are in the UK or the other side of the globe in Australia you can use Lensicle for your photo needs. There is also a lightbox on the website to save your favorites and social sharing buttons should you wish to completely skip the download process and instantly share the photos on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or in other online social communities.

Thanks for visiting today and trying out the website, if it is useful please bookmark it so you don't forget about it! I hope this can provide an alternative to other free websites like Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash - they are brilliantly useful websites and hopefully you can feel Lensicle is good enough to sit in their company in your best and most useful bookmarks folder. Any further help such as telling friends and recommending it to people is much appreciated. It's tough creating a website, let alone promoting it, with no money! Any help is appreciated, I'm doing my best to make this website great. Don't forget to email in any problems you have or bugs you experience whilst using this service. Enjoy your stay, and I hope you find what you need and save time in the process!